Doja Cat Flaunts Her Bodacious Curves In All-White Outfit


Doja Cat has been making waves in the industry over the last couple of years or so. After her “Bitch, I’m A Cow” video went viral, Doja Cat’s fame skyrocketed and now she is making music that has seen quite a bit of success over the last little while. She is part of an evergrowing movement of female MC’s and based on her last project, it seems as though she has some potential for longevity. 

The Juicy artist understands better than anyone that sex sells. When it comes to her music video and on-stage attire, Doja Cat likes to show off her curves and be sexy. In her latest Instagram post, Doja Cat does just that with a witty caption. Donning an all-white outfit, the artist shows us how she gets ready before a performance. 

“Everyone showing their baby pictures and throwback photos the last couple weeks so I thought Id share this video of me being born,” Doja Cat wrote sarcastically.

Doja Cat has also been excelling in the industry because of her humor. The artist knows that no one likes it when you take yourself so seriously and this latest post is an example of that. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to hearing what kind of my music she puts out in the future.


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