Doja Cat & Gucci Mane’s “Like That” Is One Of The Strongest Bops On “Hot Pink”


Doja Cat has had so many wins the past few months that the arrival of her new album, Hot Pink, marked an opportunity to solidify herself as a hitmaker. Riding off the success of her infectious collaboration with Rico Nasty, “Tia Tamera”, Doja dropped the repost-friendly music video for “Juicy” with an added Tyga verse. A few weeks ago, she released the single, “Rules”, with another video that had people praising her for putting effort into a craft that so many artists have tragically abandoned. 

Lo and behold, Hot Pink delivered. It’s a bubbly blend of hip hop, pop and R&B that has potential to spawn more hits and more colourful visuals. The first half of the album is a relentless sequence of bops, the strongest of them possibly being the Gucci Mane-assisted “Like That”. Doja bestows her verse with her usual charisma, while giving a sensual exhale for the chorus. Gucci pops in for a brief appearance that certainly adds to the fun – hearing his ad-libs prepare you for his imminent verse is always a pleasure. 

Quotable Lyrics

And he take me out, dinin’ on nothin’ but the best
He got Off-White on right, damn, he can dress
Makin’ plans from the East, makin’ bands in the West
Rockstar, Black Beatle type, bands on his bread


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