Doja Cat Jokes Her “New Stage Name” Includes Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Rihanna, & More


There has been quite the chatter about women in Rap as of late. Conversations about who’s-besting-who have been ongoing, but last week, cupcakKe reignited things when she sent out a tweet stating that there is a lack of lyrical women emcees. Hip Hop fans began debating why that isn’t a true statement, but the conversation only caused cupcakKe to return to social media to double down on her previous remarks.

Aside from discussing who is the best lady that brings the bars, some people complained that there isn’t enough support and unity as it pertains to women in the music industry. Yet, Doja Cat seemed to give a nod to her fellow rappers and R&B singers with a simple tweet. The Hot Pink artist joked that she was planning on changing her name and included a few women that she admires.


Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce
Ari Perilstein / Stringer / Getty Images

“New stage name: Dojickiminegantheyouncé Grandizzoperryihannaza B,” the singer tweeted. A fan asked her what the “Za” was for, and Doja Cat answered, “B*tch Sza tf.” She couldn’t forget her “Kiss Me More” collaborator. After The Neighborhood Talk reposted the tweets, Skai Jackson jumped in the comments to clarify what Doja meant with her “new stage name.”

“Doja, Nicki, Megan, Beyoncé, Ariana grande , lizzo, Katy Perry , Rihanna , sza,” wrote Jackson. “And cardi b for the B.” Is Doja Cat missing anyone? Check out her tweets below.

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