Doja Cat Reveals Secrets To Face Beat In New Vogue Makeup Tutorial


With the formulation of Vogue’s Youtube channel, we have gotten to see a lot of different celebrities offering tips and tricks to everything from their makeup routines to skincare regimens. The most iconic we have reported on so far was last year when Rihanna blessed us all with a 10-minute tutorial on putting on the perfect summer makeup. The chanteuse filmed a video accompaniment on how to recreate her luminous visage. Rihanna admits how she wants “to give you guys a vibe…and my vibe for summer is more is more.” Throughout the ten-minute tutorial, the Bajan beauty reveals some stellar makeup tips alongside some revealing anecdotes. The video was funny, insightful and it was entertaining to watch Rihanna get ready. Other celebrities like Jhene Aiko have also chimed in on the beauty secrets trend and now rapper Doja Cat joins in the crew with a brand new Vogue tutorial.

In the video above, the talented musician shows you how she manages to always look her best with a “Guide To E-Girl Beauty” tutorial. Herein, the creative performs her day-to-day makeup routine while also offering comical insights into her day-to-day life. If you were ever wondering how to get the look, you may want to tune into the video.



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