Doja Cat Rewinds With Adorable Baby Pictures


As she continues to blow up on the charts and on social media, Doja Cat is looking back on simpler times.

Nowadays, the Los Angeles native can’t go anywhere without being noticed. Her song “Say So” has absolutely torn it up on TikTok and, as a result, it has become her first song to chart within the Top Ten on the Billboard Hot 100. More of her songs continue gaining traction with Doja Cat now being considered one of the most popular female rappers in the entire world. The superstar wasn’t always this way though.

Doja Cat
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Like anybody else, she built on her creativity through life experiences. Being raised by an artistic family, music has always been in Doja Cat’s blood. She shared a series of photos from when she was just a young little Doja Kitten on Instagram this week, recalling simpler times.

Simply captioning her new gallery as “baby pictures,” the 24-year-old singer-songwriter shared exactly that. Showing her in her early stages of development, Doja appears to have been a happy child, keeping the most adorable smile on her face in most photos. Her goofy side was already shining through though, appearing in a number of flicks from this post.

Take a look at little Doja!


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