Donald Glover Lends Celebrity Endorsement To Andrew Yang For L.A. Pop-Up


Celebrity endorsements are typical for most political campaigns. It’s a good way to reach out to different demographics especially if the celebrity co-sign comes from an individual who holds a certain level of cultural importance. There have been a few celebrities during the recent Democratic nominee run but it seems one of the most important cultural figures right now has just shared a co-sign for one of the newer candidates.

Donald Glover is now sharing a celebrity endorsement fort #YangGang leader, Andrew Yang. Although not the most active person on social media, an announcement of a Donald Glover/Andrew Yang pop-up was shared on his Instagram Story. The pop-up is set to take place in Los Angeles on December 19th. There isn’t a whole lot of information available but if you are interested, the event is going down at 507 N Fairfax Ave at noon. Aside from that, nothing else has really been announced. 

Perhaps this might include a performance from Gambino, although that still seems unlikely, but whatever it is, it’ll be worth checking out if you’re in the Los Angeles area. 

It’s been a pretty big year for Donald Glover, as most years have been in the past few years. The artist debuted Guava Island at Coachella which also stars Rihanna, starred in The Lion King alongside Beyonce, and collab’d with adidas on a few sneakers. 


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