Donald Trump Argues That Marijuana Users Have A Lower IQ In Leaked Audio


Leaked audio, that appears to be just before the 2018 Congressional midterms, hears President Donald Trump not only conspire to have Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch fired (that’s made headlines) but also debate the negatives (according to him) that come with smoking weed. The lengthy audio clip provided below hears Donald discuss whether the legalization of weed is “a good thing or a bad thing.”

Win McNamee/Getty Images

“In Colorado they have more accidents,” he said. “It does cause an IQ problem.” The meeting was also attended by Donald’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who disagreed with his father. “Between that and alcohol, as far as I’m concerned, alcohol does much more damage,” he rebutted. The audio was acquired by Lev Parnas, who said the legalization of marijuana is “the future, no matter how you look at it.”

“It’s so far out you’re not going to stop it,” he added. Donald Trump’s claim of lower IQ’s from smoking was disputed when a study found that states that made the drug legal had no change in motor vehicle accidents compared to those that still considered the drug to be illegal. “Pre–recreational marijuana legalization annual changes in motor vehicle crash fatality rates for Washington and Colorado were similar to those for the control states. Post–recreational marijuana legalization changes in motor vehicle crash fatality rates for Washington and Colorado also did not significantly differ from those for the control states,” the study reads


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