Donald Trump Clowns Cory Booker For Dropping Out Of Democratic Presidential Race


It’s official: Cory Booker will not be elected as the Democratic Presidential Candidate in the upcoming election to determine the next President of the United States. With such a large number of supporters, it’s very clear that Donald Trump will be representing the Republican Party in the fall, possibly even leading the way against anybody that the Democrats choose to pit against him. Right now, there are no clear leaders on the left that pose a major risk to Trump’s popularity. Cory Booker, who had been campaigning for several years in hopes of a 2020 run, officially called off his participation in the 2020 Presidential Election, dropping out and allowing his fellow leftists to battle it out. As you would expect, Trump had a message for Booker on social media, clowning him and taunting the politician by saying he was never a real threat in the first place.

“Really Big Breaking News (Kidding): Booker, who was in zero polling territory, just dropped out of the Democrat Presidential Primary Race,” wrote the President on Twitter this morning. Yes, this man seriously is the President… “Now I can rest easy tonight. I was sooo concerned that I would someday have to go head to head with him!”

We live in a world where a man this petty and this childish is in charge of the country. Good times, y’all. The Democratic race continues to narrow down. Who is your favorite right now?


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