Dorrough Responds To Backlash After Tweeting He Only Sees “Same Type” Of Female Rapper


In the past, we’ve seen celebrities and fellow musicians alike publicly express why they think female rappers are second class compared to their male counterparts. Notably, Jermaine Dupri compared female rappers to strippers back in 2019. This type of comment always prompts a lot of negative backlash, and Dorrough seemingly decided to hop on a similar type of train, when he claimed he only sees one type of female rapper out presently. 

The Dallas native sent out a tweet, which he’s since deleted, criticizing female rappers as being all “the same type” of artist. He questioned where certain “female” versions of male rap icons were, insinuating that the female rap scene lacks a variety that male rappers have. The female grouping is apparently missing rappers that resemble Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and the like.

“I love female rappers. But where is the female Nipsey Hussle? Where is the female J Cole, Kendrick, Jay Z, Nas etc.???,” Dorrough tweeted. “I just mostly see the same type.”

An array of rebuttals quickly followed, flooding Dorrough’s comments with jokes and negative reactions. Then, days later, the rapper claimed he’s being misunderstood.

Since he says he felt misinterpreted, he now wants to shed some light on new and upcoming female rappers. 

He posted to his Instagram in response to the backlash surrounding his initial question, “I’m about to put some NEW female rappers in the limelight.”

He continued, “Since @complex and other blogs tried to deflect the actual point of my tweet let’s see if they have that same energy in supporting as I shed some light on some new female rappers. Yall make sure yall hold them accountable too because they like to run with negative narratives before positive ones. Lady rappers stay tuned! And be ready. Y’all @ the ones y’all wanna see shine.”  

Now, plenty of fans are tagging their favorite unknown female rapper in hopes to be featured on his Instagram page to gain some exposure.