Dr. Dre Denies Wife’s Abuse Allegations, Says She Wants More Money From Divorce


The allegations being slung by Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young continue. It was last year when it was first reported that the Aftermath mogul and his wife of 25 years decided to split, and since the beginning, the billion-dollar divorce has made headlines. Young has accused her husband of carrying on multiple affairs and early on, she requested $2 million in temporary spousal support. Soon, Nicole returned with reported accusations that she endured domestic violence during her marriage, but Dre has denied the claims.

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young, Abuse
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre’s legal team has filed new paperwork that shows he has denied the allegation of abuse. He also reportedly accused his wife of creating the abuse narrative in an effort to receive more money in the divorce and alleges she never brought it up until she realized that their prenuptial agreement was still in place.

The court documents reportedly call the domestic violence accusations “appalling” and Dre denies Nicole’s claims that he abused her the night before their wedding. Nicole has also asserted that she was “forced” to sign the prenup, but the Rap mogul reportedly said that isn’t true. At the top of the year, Dr. Dre suffered a health scare when he was admitted to the hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm and TMZ reports that these proceedings have been “stressful” for him. During his recovery, Dre advanced $2 million to his wife.