Dr. Dre Must Find New Lawyer In Divorce Case, Judge Rules


A judge has ruled this week that divorce attorney Laura Wasser and Dr. Dre’s lawyer Howard King cannot represent him in his split from wife Nicole Young. Laura Wasser is one of Los Angeles’ biggest divorce attorneys, and has represented major celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian.

Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young have been married for 24 years, but decided to split up back in March, 2020. Dre is reportedly worth about $800 million, which is why the court proceedings carrying out the divorce are so tricky. 2021 has been an incredibly stressful year for Dr. Dre following a January brain aneurysm that left him recovering in the ICU. He was released in January, with serious abuse allegations from his wife coming out soon after.

Dr. Dre Nicole Young
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Nicole Young, alongside her attorney, argued that Wasser and King needed to be dismissed from the court case because they had previously represented both Dre and Young as a family lawyer throughout their marriage. The dismissal is a major win for Spector, who is another one of Hollywood’s most famous legal names. According to a statement filed in LA court this week, Dr. Dre “is instructed to obtain counsel as soon as possible.”

We will keep you posted as the legal proceedings continue to unravel in their divorce.