Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Demands Info On His Alleged Mistresses


We entered 2021 with a hell of a scare surrounding Dr. Dre’s health. Thankfully, he’s doing well but in the midst of that, his marital troubles continued to bleed into the public eye. His divorce from Nicole Young has made headlines since it was announced that they’ve split. Things have gotten ugly with Nicole accusing the famed producer of assault and infidelity.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Nicole Young recently filed documents to the court requesting that three women she alleges Dre had affairs with during their marriage sit down for a deposition. Young is reportedly trying to find out whether the producer funded their lifestyles with money and gifts. 

Their prenup is still at the center of this battle. Nicole said in her documents that the lawyer for the alleged mistress has attempted to push back the deposition until there’s a ruling on the validity of the prenup. However, Young needs the deposition done soon because she says it could affect the outcome of spousal support as well as the validity of the prenup. 

Nicole brought up a $2.15M home purchased by one of the alleged mistresses. Nicole said that she wants to find out whether it was Dre that provided the cash to make such an extravagant purchase. 

Ultimately, Dr. Dre has the money. He just cut a $2M check to Nicole for temporary support which is on top of the nearly $300K he’s shelling out monthly. However, the depositions could ultimately play a factor if the judge decides that the prenup isn’t valid. Then, Nicole would be able to demand her half of the property.