Drake Buffs Up To Dress As His Bodyguard For Halloween


It’s been a long Halloween. It’s become clear that over the years the spooky holiday has morphed into a two-weekend affair. Even though the 31st fell on a Thursday this year and it would have made perfect sense for this weekend to be the one to party, we’ve been seeing people post pictures in costumes for what feels like a long time now. However, it has been interesting to see what elaborates costumes celebrities come up with given their lack of budget restrictions

Drake has kept things on the simple side for his costumes this Halloween season, but he killed them nonetheless. He first dressed up as his father, Dennis Graham, who was pretty easy to resemble considering his signature look of knit skull cap, bushy moustache and glasses. Drake showing the accuracy of his costume by taking a photo with his father also confirmed that the two are back on good terms following their minor public feud recently. 

For Drake’s second Halloween look, he channelled one of his bodyguards. The Scorpion artist wore a muscle suit to buff up his arms and chest covered by an OVO t-shirt to emphasize that he was emulating one of his own. The costume was completed with an earpiece, black tuque and black shades. Drake is almost unrecognizable in the photo of him mean mugging next to his actual bodyguard. 

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