Drake Doesn’t Know If He’s Doing Duck Face: “This Really Feel Like A Normal Face To Me”


Over the years, men have particularly have gained notoriety for their selfie game. In fact, there have been articles exploring the “selfie face” and others that have provided steps to take a “good selfie.” Drake’s notorious for pulling off the duck face in his selfies which has become a joking point in the comment section of his Instagram page. Tory Lanez even jokingly roasted Drake about his “kissy lips in the camera.”

Despite what the public says, Drake might be showing some signs of insecurity in his selfie game. The rapper shared a selfie of himself, doing his iconic duck face, while presumably playing hoops in his home, but he asked whether he’s doing “the face” or not. “Am I doing the face right here? Because this really feel like a normal face to me,” he captioned the photo along with several laughing emojis. To answer the question, though: yes, Drake. You are doing the face but we aren’t mad about it.

In other Drake-related news, the rapper recently announced that he’s working on his new album which he suggested is in its final stages. The rapper dropped “War,” his UK drill-influenced banger that’s yet to make its way onto streaming services and collaborated with Future on “Life Is Good” which has been making the rounds in the past week.

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