Drake, Future, & Young Thug Get Super Slimey On “D4L Freestyle”


Last night, Drake came through and delivered a surprise mixtape called Dark Lane Demo Tapes, an aperitif for his upcoming sixth studio album set to drop this summer. And while there’s plenty to unpack across the 6ix God’s latest, one of the immediate draws arrives by way of “D4L Freestyle,” a collaboration with the Super Slimey duo themselves — Future and Young Thug.

In true slime fashion, Future and Thug have become almost symbiotic in nature; over a seething Southside banger, the pair finish each other’s sentences with effortless chemistry. As per usual, the WZRD’s eye for imagery is razor-sharp. “Seen a prom queen smoke crack when I was lil,” he spits — a psychoanalyst would likely chime in with a “that explains so much.” And that’s not even getting into he and Thugger’s attempt at recreating the dawn chorus, causing those playing the track at high volume to seek out errant birds. 

As the man of the hour, but one already well-established, it doesn’t feel like Drake needs to make a statement. Either way he raps with authority, sneering out his lavish lines while somehow remaining tethered to his humanity; somehow, it’s a line only he seems able to tether. “I remember grade six, I was up in Payless trying to get some ASICS,” raps Drizzy, a hint of arrogance bleeding through his tone. “Now I’m Nike’d down in the motherfuckin’ snake pit.” 

Check out Dark Lane Demo Tapes right here, and sound off — does this bode well for album number six?


We just started fuckin’, she impatient
Now she want a butt lift, now she want some LASIK
Just to see the bag clearer, that way she can chase it
I remember grade six, I was up in Payless tryna get some Asics
Now I’m Nike’d down in a motherfuckin’ snake pit 

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/drake-future-and-young-thug-get-super-slimey-on-new-song.1987051.html

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