Drake Got His Ears Pierced & People Don’t Know How To Feel About It


On Friday night, Drake hosted an event called “Homecoming after Homecoming” at 4th Avenue lounge in Jackson, Mississippi. If you’re wondering why he would refer to an event in Mississippi as a homecoming when he’s definitely from Toronto, he provided a short explanation on his Instagram story. “One of my first real club appearances was in Jackson, MS and to celebrate the turn of the decade I’m coming thru tmrw night with my brother,” the rapper wrote. 

Drake’s official fansite, Word On Road, shared a video of him stepping into the club as the fan filming loses her damn mind. While Word On Road directed followers to “wait till the end” to see the fan’s facial expression, the most noteworthy part of the video is the fact that Drake was sporting a massive diamond earring. After doing some investigating into the matter, it was determined that Drake recently got both his ears pierced by Christian of Atlanta Ink. 

This seemingly minor change in appearance is drawing a variety of reactions on Twitter, as is the case with anything Aubrey Graham does. How do you feel about Drizzy’s new look? You think his iced-out earlobes are going to bring out a new attitude in his music?  

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