Drake Removes Toronto’s “Chair Girl” From “War” Video Following Backlash


Drake dropped off his latest track, “War,” this Christmas Eve, accompanied by some wintery visuals of him and his crew at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Drake’s native land of Ontario, Canada. The track garnered him some initial criticism for the seemingly-British-esque accent he decided to adopt in his delivery, but this heat was nothing compared to what he would receive for the video.

Fans noticed that one of the extras in Drake’s new video bore a striking resemblance to Marcella Zoia, the 19-year-old girl who recently gained media attention for a video that shows her throwing a chair off of a balcony of a condo complex in Toronto.  Though, luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, she has pled guilty to mischief causing danger to life and faces up to six months in jail. It’s safe to say that she is not everyone’s favourite person at the moment, and when fans confirmed that Marcella, who became infamously known as Chair Girl, was indeed featured in the video, many were upset with Drizzy for giving her some undeserved clout. Thankfully, Drake has cleared the air and make things right. He had her cut from the video entirely, and made sure everyone knew that he did not make the decision to have her featured as an extra. He posted on his Instagram story: “I don’t choose extras for my videos by the way ” complete with a chair emoji. Glad to hear that irresponsible attention-seekers aren’t getting their 15 minutes this time around.

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