Drake Shares Legendary Photos From Beginning & End Of The Decade


Not many rappers can flex like this. However, Drake is not like most rappers. The man was in the news last week after the New York Times claimed that he is to blame for the current singing influx in rap music. While their headline angered a number of folks who feel as though his influences should have been credited instead, there is no denying how impactful Drake has been to the industry. At the beginning and end of the decade, the Toronto native was at the top of his game. Sure, he’s grown as an artist since 2010 but the man is proving to us all that he’s been striving over the course of the last ten years, flexing some serious goals on the ‘gram.

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Sharing a “before & after” style image that details his decade-long progression as an artist, Drake posted a memory of his customized Thank Me Later private jet, courtesy of Virgin Airways. Ten years later, the rapper actually owns his own plane, flaunting his Air Drake machine and suggesting that he’s got another decade-long run in him. “Wild times. Let’s go for another shall we?” asked Drizzy.

What do you think Drake will be able to accomplish before 2030? A handful of other diamond-certified records? Double-digit Grammy Awards? Another classic album? The sky is the limit for him.

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