Drake Takes No Pity Towards Love & Hip-Hop’s Sophia Body


Drake has a long list of enemies on his list. Some that he’s made peace with, others who he’s yet to bury the hatchet with. Sophia Body is among those who fall under the latter category. Following years of downplaying Drake’s success, the rapper finally got his moment to clap back. 

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Body commented under an Instagram Post about Tory Lanez’ Quarantine Radio as she reacted to one of the impeccable singers that made a brief cameo on the live stream. A fan replied to her comment, writing, “we met on the 4 train before in the Bronx you was playing with your laptop… I’m mad you never followed me back on the gram.”

Neither comment had anything to do with Drake but clearly, he was letting the Instagram fingers slide. Replying to the fan, Drake wrote, “don’t worry she’ll be there for 20+ more years same seat you’ll catch her one day she ain’t got shit going.” 

Many believed this is unwarranted but it should be noted that Sophia Body hasn’t necessarily had positive things to say about Drake. A Toronto native herself, she’s accused Drake of ruining Toronto’s Caribana Festival by hosting OVO Fest on the same weekend. The two also had a bit of a back-and-forth after she accused Drake of biting Young Thug’s flow on “Mob Ties.” The rapper replied to her calling her a “fucking bitter weirdo.”

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