Drake Teases “More Life Growth Co.” With Mysterious Flower Deliveries In Toronto


Whether or not you like Drake, you can’t deny that his business acumen is on point. From running OVO and the Drake brand to venturing into liquor and champagne as well as the restaurant business and film and television, Drizzy’s expanding his business portfolio like crazy these days. But even as one of the most wealthy rappers in the game, what’s the next move? Perhaps a flower business or a weed company.

Drake hit the ‘Gram with a post earlier today teasing a new company called More Life Growth Co. The post didn’t provide much context aside from a private Instagram account @morelife. At first glance, you might think this could be something to do with music but it appears from several comments that it’s a new business venture. A few suggested that it’s a new weed brand which would make total sense — he’s a rapper from one of the few countries where weed is legal. Why the hell wouldn’t he get into the game?

Although it’s yet to be confirmed, it appears that he kicked off the campaign across his hometown of Toronto today by having his team give out free bouquets of flowers to random citizens. Additionally, media outlets and offices also received some free flowers from The Boy. According to Breakfast Television Toronto’s Dina Pugliese, The Boy will be making an official announcement about More Life Growth Co. this Thursday. 

Of course, More Life is the name of his 2017 mixtape but more importantly, it’s also the feeling one gets after taking a 3.5G Backwood to the face.

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