Drakeo The Ruler Drops Off “Too Icey”


Drakeo The Ruler has been making up for the lost time. The rapper built up a street legend of sorts from his homegrown turf in Los Angeles that caught the attention of the world, including prosecutors who used his lyrics as evidence in court. But, he’s out now and flooding the streets with new music at any chance he could.

This week, the rapper returned with his latest single, “Too Icey.” The rapper reflects on the jewels and glory over pensive keys and hypnotic guitars. “I came here rockin’ Cartier, Patek/ Sneak dissin’ when I know you is a fan, I’m too icey,” he raps on the hook.

The slew of records he’s hit the streets feel like anticipation for even bigger year ahead. He recently teased that Drake will appear on his forthcoming project. We’ll keep you updated.

Quotable Lyrics
He tried to run up on the job, I had to clothesline him
Sneak dissin’ on the net got me dumbfounded
It’s gon be a lot of funerals and closed caskets
They was screamin’ free me, now it goes backward