Drakeo The Ruler Questions Soulja Boy Being In Protective Custody While In Jail


After spending over a year and a half in solitary confinement, Drakeo The Ruler is home. The rapper was arrested back in 2017 for murder but was later found not guilty. However, prosecutors re-filed charges against him in an attempt to prove that his lyrics showed that Drakeo and his rap crew, 2Greedy Stinc Team, were actually a street gang. Drakeo vehemently denied the charges against him but would later take a plea in order to be released from prison.

Drakeo spoke on what it was like for him in jail without bail and facing the death penalty. “I used to come in jail for bullsh*t like violations, so it’s like, when you sittin’ in there and people be like, ‘Oh, I’m fighting a murder, I’m fightin’ this,’ in your head you’re like, ‘Oh, it’s gon’ be straight,'” he told VladTV. He said he never imagined he would be in their positions fighting a murder charge. 

While Drakeo The Ruler was in protective custody, he revealed that he ran into Soulja Boy. Vlad added that it made sense that Soulja Boy was in “PC,” but Drakeo had some reservations. “If you supposed to be a rapper and all this, I don’t know. It’s rules to this sh*t,” said Drakeo. “Even not even being a rapper, like, just being a real person. Being a real n*gga. You’re not gonna put yourself in that situation to where n*ggas can speak up like that. What people don’t understand is when you’re in PC, you’re over there with punks, all type of stuff. You got gay people, you got snitches, you got child molesters, you got cops, ex-cops, whatever.”

“It’s a bad look when you’re supposed to be a rapper or whatever living the street life or being around street people or carry guns in videos and call yourself Big Drako and all that.” Vlad chimed in that the jail can force someone into PC so it may not be an artist’s fault, but Drakeo quickly refuted that argument. Check out the dialogue below.