Drake’s Head Of Security Chubbs Clowns Pusha T After Wale Incident


It’s hard to let animosity settle on a permanent basis. Though some rivals can indeed let bygones be bygones (think Nas and Jay-Z), others are simply destined to lock horns forever. Perhaps the bad blood between Drake and Pusha T will remain that way forever, even if the intensity has faded to mere embers. It wouldn’t be surprising to see both men and their respective camps think little of their opposition, continuously firing shots accordingly. Look no further than today’s latest incident, which found Drake’s right-hand man and head of security Chubbs taking the piss out of OVO’s arch-nemesis Pusha T.

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It all started when Wale, no doubt nursing pure intentions, rushed the stage during Pusha T’s Rolling Loud set. The Daytona rapper, focused from killing the stage, reacted by jumping back in anticipation for a scrap. Eventually, he realized Wale was coming in peace and changed his demeanor. Yet the damage was done, and some took to Twitter to clown Pusha’s “skittish” nature. In reality, the Clipse legend was ready to defend himself, but the internet has never been one for a fair trial.

Unfortunately for King Push, the video was enough ammunition for the OVO team, no doubt nursing old wounds and grudges. Akademiks caught Chubbs creeping in the comments, having a laugh at Pusha’s expense and nicknaming the rapper “Jump Man.” No doubt Chubbs would love to go a round with the King, whether on stage or off. Check out the comment below, which goes to show that forgiveness might not come so easily to the scorned Torontonians. 

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