Drake’s Rap Radar Interview: Twitter’s Best Reactions


Christmas Day marked the arrival of Drake’s Rap Radar podcast with Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller. 

Naturally, with Drizzy keeping his interviews few and far in between, he had much to say about a number of things. In the sit-down, the rapper let loose on pretty much everything you’d expect: his beef with Pusha-T, his regard for Kanye West, and his desire to live up to Lil Wayne’s expectations. 

It’s without question that social media quickly reacted to the two-hour-long interview, with most reactions leaning heavily toward Drake’s words on Pusha T, including his claim that he objectively isn’t a fan of Pusha’s music, aligning his teenage fandom of the rapper heavily with Pharrell and The Neptunes rather than Pusha T.

“He’s just made an entire career off of it,” Drake said. “Some people like his music, I personally don’t ’cause I don’t believe any of it. And I like to listen to guys I believe […] You just get to peek behind the curtain too. When I was whatever, 16, thinking that he was the biggest dope dealer in the world serving bricks to all, every corner of America […] I was a fan obviously more so just a fan of Pharrell and the Neptunes. I always wanted to be signed to Star Trak and stuff like that, that was the wave. Now that I’m grown-up, and I know him and the truth, it’s just not as appealing.”

Catch Twitter’s top reactions to the revelatory conversation below.

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