Draymond Green Details His Trash-Talk With Russell Westbrook


It’s well-documented that when it comes to trash talk in the NBA, Draymond Green is one of the most effective at it. Of course, this has been true for a while now and many other players have noted just how hard it can be to play against Green sometimes as he is always in your ear with something to say. The NBA has produced multiple players with this attitude, particularly Michael Jordan who was consistently delivering some brutal trash-talk to his most hated opponents.

According to Clutch Points, Green was recently interviewed about his experiences and noted that one of his favorite players to go back and forth with is actually none other than Russell Westbrook. As he notes, Westbrook is always giving you his all, which makes the competition that much more fun.

Russell Westbrook

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

“I start yelling at him, like, ‘We don’t need to beat them. Russ is going to beat them,” Green said when noting how Westbrook is known for taking a lot of shots. “Like, ‘uh-oh, there he goes. He’s about to shoot them out of the game.’ Then he comes back at me like, ‘You can’t shoot. You can’t play,’” Green added. “It’s just… that’s one of the guys I enjoy going back and forth with the most. I have a lot of respect for him, but Russ is a guy who is going to keep talking back.”

Westbrook and Green are certainly two of the chippiest players in the leaguer so it’s not surprising to hear Draymond make such an admission. Either way, hopefully we get to see them go back and forth plenty of times this season.