Draymond Green Explains Why Warriors Are To Blame For NBA Ratings


It’s been well documented that NBA ratings are down this season and many people around the league are trying to find out why. Some believe it has to do with the decline in television viewers, while some think it can be explained by certain teams dominating the entire league. Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors believes the answer is actually quite simple. As he explains, the Warriors were a great team for five seasons and now that they’re on the decline, some people are losing interesting.

“I do think something that plays a huge part in it is the Warriors definitely help boost the ratings and…not so much right now,” Green told reporter Anthony Slater.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr echoed those sentiments noting how the absence of Steph Curry can sometimes be a hindrance.

“I’m not the expert on this stuff but I don’t think it helps that Steph’s injured. I know he drives some ratings,” Kerr explained. “Obviously ratings are important, viewership is important and we need to put the best possible product on the floor.” 

As of right now, the Warriors have a record of 4-19 and are last place in the entire league. With this in mind, Green and Kerr might have a great point here.


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