Draymond Green Speaks On Pay Gap Between Men’s & Women’s Sports


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, who recently labeled himself the best defender in the league, spoke at length about the pay discrepancy between men’s and women’s sports teams on Twitter, Saturday. Green’s tweets were posted as the UConn Huskies and Iowa Hawkeyes faced off in Saturday’s Sweet 16.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about the pay gap between women and men. Especially in sports. It’s not even close,” Green wrote. “But let’s stop allowing y’all complaints to fall on deaf ears due to numbers. As long as y’all make the argument about pay, while the revenue stays the same they will continue to point at the revenue not being high enough to cover bigger salaries. While that is true in damn near every business, how do we take that card out of their pockets? That’s the key to changing the pay.”

Draymond Green, Pay Gap
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Jonathan Vanian of Fortune reports that the average salary for a WNBA player during the 2019-20 season was $75,000 and that the average salary for an NBA player in the same season was approximately $7.7 million.

Green continued:

There’s no argument for lack of revenue unless you make those that say they stand for women actually stand up. The NBA wasn’t always the global game that it is today. It wasn’t always driving as much revenue as it does today. But there were people behind it, building the platform, and more importantly telling INDIVIDUAL stories and building up the interest in the players. That’s how the game took off. Who’s building up y’all platform? Who’s telling the individual stories of how great y’all are? Building the interest and transforming women’s basketball into a global game?

At the start of March Madness, the NCAA faced substantial criticism for the differences between men’s and women’s training facilities and more.