Dre London Reflects On Post Malone’s Incredible Streaming Numbers


Who’d have thought a lovable vagabond turned-Bud-Light-Baron would grow to become one of the most popular artists in the world? Such is our reality, in which Post Malone’s blend of pop, rock, country, emo, and of course hip-hop has endeared itself to millions upon millions. With Spotify recently unearthing some flex-worthy analytics, many artists took to social media to reflect on their past year. For many, 2019 marked a time for growth and evolution, even for an established superstar like Post Malone.

 Randy Shropshire/Getty Images  

Upon the revelation that his yearly Spotify tally surpassed 6.2 billion streams, his manager and longtime friend Dre London took to Instagram to marvel at the accomplishment. “It’s been an amazing year, we went diamond on a few records, released our 3rd album, toured the world got an award from the AMA’s for album of the year & posty is the #1 most streamed artist on Spotify this year,” writes Dre, lowkey flexing on the masses. 

“I gotta just sit-back & take this all in, we love all of you for making this possible,” he continues, signing off with some fan appreciation. It’s absolutely incredible to see how far Post Malone has come, and it’s fair to conclude that it’s only going to get bigger from here. How do you feel about the dominant reign of Big Posty?

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