Dreezy & CupcakKe Have Vastly Different Takes On “Female Rap”


In the wider hip-hop discussion that tends to go down on social media, it’s not uncommon to see “female rap” referred to as a subgenre of sorts — though such a mentality does seem to inherently position the women and men in different ballparks. Still, that hasn’t stopped a few notable rappers from offering their thoughts on the “female rap” landscape, with Dreezy and CupcakKe coming through with a pair of decidedly different takes on the topic. 


Dreezy. Paras Griffin/WireImage/Getty Images 

In Dreezy’s eyes, the game has been perpetually sleeping on a slew of talented bar-spitters, and she took it upon herself to spread some love to some notable names worthy of praise. “Lyrical Female Rappers appreciation tweet, just cus the ppl sleep,” she writes, placing the pen game at the top of the priority list. “Rapsody. Chika. Lady London. Omeretta. Tierra Whack. No Name. Young MA. Snow Da Product. Dreezy. Add to the list, put somebody on today. Cupcakke, Lakeyah, B.I.A. Tokyo Jetz, Melii. Y’all know wassup.” 

On the other hand, CupcakKe seemed unimpressed with the “female rap” of today, taking to Twitter to voice her own position. “If I’m being honest with y’all,” she prefaces. “Female rap is really boring to me right now.” Unfortunately, she neglected to elaborate, leaving many to speculate on the specifics. In contrast with Dreezy’s point, which highlights several impressive emcees currently putting in work, some were left assuming that CupcakKe was simply not moved by those occupying a more lyrically driven space. It’s also possible that her comments were aimed at the mainstream side, given how powerful a foothold artists like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion currently have at the present moment.  

Either way, it’s interesting to reflect on Dreezy and CupcakKe’s differing takes — which side of the coin do you fall on? 

CupcakKe – FilmMagic/Getty Images