Dreezy Drops List Of “Lyrical Female Rappers” That She Believes Are “Slept On”


In recent years, there has been an overwhelming rise in women who have staked their claim in the Rap Game. Even so, there are still those who argue that women aren’t as appreciated for their lyrical abilities, but Dreezy stepped forward to show love to her fellow lady emcees. The Chicago rapper tweeted a few names that she believes haven’t received the recognition they deserve, sparking yet another “Top” list discussion about women in Rap.

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Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

“Lyrical Female Rappers appreciation tweet, just cus the ppl sleep,” Dreezy tweeted before listing off a few names. “Rapsody. Chika. Lady London. Omeretta. Tierra Whack. No Name. Yung MA. Snow Da Product. Dreezy. Add to the list, put somebody on today.” She added, “All of these girls can go toe to toe wit yo fav rapper. I’ll be money on it.”

Elsewhere she stated, “Cupcakke, Lakeyah, B.I.A. Tokyo Jetz, Melii [strong arm emoji] Etc. Y’all know wassup.” After the tweets were reposted by The Neighborhood Talk, Dreezy slid in their comments to clarify a few things. “[And] When I said toe to toe w yo fav rapper, I was speaking on men,” said wrote. “Nicki [Minaj] is the goat. I’m showin love to ppl I felt is slept on [red heart emoji].”

We have, of course, watched as Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have taken over airwaves, earning both ladies their first Grammy awards. Check out Dreezy’s tweets below and let us know which women in the Rap game you believe deserve more attention.