Drunk Woman Grinds On Cop While Getting Arrested: Watch Viral Clip


A 24-year-old Alabama woman is facing multiple criminal charges after she was filmed grinding up on her arresting police officer last week. The incident, which has since gone viral, happened last Sunday morning outside a Waffle House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The woman, named April Teale, was being pressed up against an outside window as she is being detained by an officer. As the cop holds Teale’s hands behind her back, she begins rubbing her butt into his groin and asks, “Oh, yeah. You like that? You like that, yeah?”

Teale revealed to Busted Coverage that she was too intoxicated on the night of her arrest to remember what happened, but she does know that her legal troubles aren’t over.

“I was charged with misconduct and harassment [not sexual]. I’m not sure what happened before,” she told the outlet via DM. “Tennessee game day did a number on me. I’m speaking with the officer in a few days to get the full story.”

It’s unclear what the charges against Teale are at the moment as the cops aren’t making the report public yet, but she reportedly plans to write an apology to the police department for her behavior.

Check out the much talked-about viral clip (below).

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