Durant Calls Shannon Sharpe A “Drunk Uncle” Over Fake Quote About LeBron


The dust recently settled on his controversy with Michael Rapaport and now Kevin Durant has a brewing beef with Shannon Sharpe. The Brooklyn Nets forward wasn’t having it earlier today (April 13) after Sharpe attempted to quote the basketball star while on Undisputed. In the segment, Sharpe quoted Durant as saying, “If LeBron James is the GOAT, I beat the GOAT twice and hit the shots in his building. What does that make me?”

It’s a boastful comment, to say the least, but the problem is, Durant claims he never said it. A basketball fan account on Twitter circulated a meme that attributes Durant to the quote, but it has been labeled as fake. Durant reshared a clip of Sharpe on Undisputed and added, “Y’all drunk uncle out here lying again. When did I say this @ShannonSharpe???????????????????????????”

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Shannon Sharpe, Undisputed
Streeter Lecka / Staff / Getty Images

“Shannon went on tv responding to this quote like I actually said this,” Durant added. “Gullible fans will believe it, or say ‘you was thinking this anyway’ it’s comedy at this point.” The sports icon added that Sharpe refused to address the controversy online, but Sharpe told him that they could speak privately.

“KD, IF* you wanna talk to me. I’m not hard to find, but I’m not going bck and forth on social media,” tweeted Sharpe. “Whatever our differences are. They can be handled out of the eye of social media.” That wasn’t an acceptable response for Durant. “We can talk in front of everybody, it ain’t that serious Shannon, u go on tv in front of everybody pushing fake [sh*t] but now u wanna talk in private??? Why u lying on tv Shannon???”

In the end, it looks as if Sharpe blocked Durant. In response, the Nets baller wrote, “But I’m sensitive.” Check out some highlights below.