Dwayne Johnson Calls Out Friend For Seeing Much-Ridiculed “Cats” Twice


The public has reached a consensus that Cats was a major flop. The musical fantasy film was basically set up for failure when the first trailer was released and many expressed how disconcerted they were by the blend of CGI and live-action that was used to create the feline characters. Once the reviews rolled in, it was universally panned, proving that the characters’ appearances weren’t the film’s sole misstep. After Cats premiered, it was quickly announced that new edits with improved visual effects would be sent to theatres in an attempt to remedy some of its shortcomings, but box office numbers are showing that the film is beyond repair

For these reasons, Dwayne Johnson must have been baffled when he saw that his friend and Entertainment Weekly writer, Devan Coggan, went to see Cats TWICE. Coggan tweeted a photo of her ticket stub for a 4pm screening of Cats along with the caption “Round two” with a cat emoji. Johnson popped up in the replies to express his disappointment in his pal’s decision to see Cats for a second time before checking out his own film that’s currently in theatres. “Round 2 of Cats? Devan!!! We family!! Where’s ”round 1 of Jumanji’??”, he wrote. Coggan assured The Rock that she’d already seen Jumanji, but also took the opportunity to poke fun at him for calling her out. “Hey, I already saw Jumanji weeks ago!!! I had to support my close personal friend… Danny DeVito.”

Unlike CatsJumanji: The Next Level has performing very well at the box office. The sequel released on December 13th has raked in about $340 million worldwide so far. 

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