Dwight Howard Roasted For Seemingly Putting Finger Up George Niang’s Butt


Dwight Howard has had to deal with constant rumors about his personal life over the last year. These rumors have led to constant jokes that won’t seem to escape him. Wherever he goes, Twitter wisecracks are ready to pounce and hit him with some slander over his sexual preferences. Now that we are firmly into 2019, about to head into 2020, you would think this issue would have passed him by already. Well, unfortunately for him, that’s not exactly the case and on Friday night, Howard had even more jokes made at his expense.

It all started during a routine play where he ended up falling backward on top of George Niang. In one of the videos posted below, Dwight can be seen putting his finger near Niang’s butt and pressing upward. This leads to a bit of a shoving match and Howard got hit with a flagrant. As he walked back to the bench, his teammates hit him with some disapproving glances.

As you can imagine, Twitter had an absolute field day with this clip and couldn’t seem to get over what had just happened. The incident fed into the narratives surrounding Dwight to create the perfect social media firestorm.

It doesn’t seem like Howard is going to live this down anytime soon although at least there are some great Twitter memes to go along with it.

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