Eagles Fan & His Hat Team Up For One Of The Saddest Videos Ever: Watch


What was supposed to be a triumphant night for Philadelphia Eagles fans quickly turned into a disaster as they were blown out by the Dallas Cowboys. The final score was 37-10 which means the Eagles were promptly destroyed by a Cowboys team that came into the game on a three-game losing streak. It’s been a rough day for the fans as their team is now 3-4 and isn’t in a playoff spot. Not to mention, pundits throughout the country have been trashing on the Eagles for not being as good as they should be.

Immediately following the game, a random fan in Philadelphia was asked about the loss and it quickly resulted in one of the saddest videos we have ever seen. The man being interviewed begins to cry as he’s asked about the team’s loss. At one point, he says that he was “hurt” by his team, while a huge Eagle sits on top of his baseball cap. Before the end of the interview, the man presses a button and the Eagle’s wings begin to flay. That’s when he says “fly Eagles fly” one last time.

Once the clip made it to Twitter, it experienced quite an uptick in shares as people thought it was hilarious. The sight of a fully grown man with an Eagle on his hat really is something to behold for numerous reasons. We don’t know where this man is today but we hope he’s doing alright.

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