Earl Sweatshirt Reveals That He Does Not Own A Cell Phone


There’s no doubt that the addiction to cell phones is real. Most people can’t go a few minutes without their cell phones, especially since apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have been made so accessible. Some people have found ways to reduce their screen time while others just allow the technological takeover to continue. For those who’ve found themselves glued to their cell phones throughout the day, perhaps the Earl Sweatshirt approach can help. 

Earl hit Twitter to reveal two things. 1) He doesn’t own a cellphone and 2) we’re lucky that he doesn’t. Apparently, his #ootd was too fire that there was a possibility someone could’ve died if he revealed it to the Interwebs. “yal lucky i dont have a phone this #ootd so crazy i caught a body,” he wrote. And for those of you wondering, he was tweeting from the Twitter Web App like a real one.

Earl’s not the first, and certainly not the last, creative to not own a cell phone. Madlib apparently also doesn’t have a cell phone. Jack White has also admitted that he doesn’t own a cell phone either.

Aside form his cell phone business, Earl has been quite busy in the past twelve months. He released Some Rap Songs roughly a year ago and recently followed it up with Feet Of Clay EP. 

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