Earl Sweatshirt’s Insightful Conversation With His Mom At MOCA Is Available To Stream


On December 7, Earl Sweatshirt hosted a public conversation – titled “In/between us: A conversation on art, music, and life” – with his mother, Professor Cheryl Harris, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Uproxx has shared a video of the whole talk, which is preluded by a brief interview between Earl and one of the publication’s own reporters, Jasmin Leigh. In that interview, Earl reveals that part of the motivation behind the MOCA event was to clear up a long-running misconception about his relationship with his mother. When Earl went off to school in Samoa right when Odd Future was blowing up, many of his fans resented his mother for sending him there. He described the talk as “something that is 100% necessary,” since his relationship with his mother “was already was a public thing, so it has to get wrapped up in public.”

While this may have been the initial impetus for the talk, it was not it’s central topic. Earl and his mother discuss race relations, capitalism, the Internet, slavery, the future of America and the future of our world. Professor Harris, having her background in Critical Race Theory, ties in her work with the conversation and Earl does the same with his own. Earl speaks about how the inspiration behind his recently-released Feet Of Clay EP came from his mother. Aside from the conversation being incredibly insightful, it’s special to see how much respect Earl and his mother have for each other’s minds and spirits. 

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