EarthGang Assists Tommy Newport On “Stargazer”


Tommy Newport is giving us a taste of his first piece of music to follow Ultra Mango. The artist returned with his new single, “Stargazer” ft. EarthGang earlier today. Newport delivers a dreamy, upbeat vibe that perfectly fits the eccentric stylings of the Dreamville duo.

“Stargazer was written in LA & I’m honored to have my first released collaboration be with the insanely talented EarthGang,” Newport told Complex. “Once I laid down the hook I knew it felt right. There’s not a dull moment in this song and they absolutely killed it.”

“Working with Tommy is always such a vibe,” producer 4th Pyramid said. “Being able to finally tie in his sound to my hip-hop roots was something I’ve wanted to do. EarthGang brings a kaleidoscope of creativity and were the perfect pairing to complement our sound. It was a no brainer to get them on this record.”

Check the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics
So what’s the point in fightin’ nature?
You’d rather get to chuggin’ and say, “Fuck it, I dont blame ya”
At least you’d stop overthinkin’ every conversation
At least if pain is on the way, it’s somethin’ to delay it