EarthGang Tease New “Ghetto Gods” Album Snippet


In 2019, EarthGang delivered their debut album Mirrorland, a conceptual and vividly rendered odyssey through the creative minds of Johnny Venus and Wowgr8. Since then, the Dreamville duo has been hard at work on their sophomore studio album, recently confirmed to be titled Ghetto Gods. 

Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

At this moment, details surrounding the big release are relatively scarce, though Olu previously revealed that the Wale-assisted “Options” would be included on the final tracklist. Recently, EarthGang shared an extended look at another Ghetto Gods inclusion — a track titled “All Eyes On Me,” produced by DaBaby collaborator JetsonMade, The Breed, and Jonny Venus himself.

Speaking of which, Venus shared an additional teaser in the comments, indicating that he and his partner “we floated on this shit so crazy.” Wowgr8 also chimed in on the track, writing “One of my favorite songs we ever made. If u was a fan for “Miss the show” this a grown ni*ga version of that.” For those who don’t know, he’s referring to an EarthGang deep cut, one that finds both parties taking to slow-paced and vibey instrumental.

Based on what EarthGang opted to share of “All Eyes On Me,” the snippet certainly lives up to Wowgr8’s assessment — check it out for yourself now, and stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Ghetto Gods. Do you like what you’ve heard so far?