Ebro Claps Back At Claims Of Tekashi 6ix9ine Music Ban


Earlier today, we reported on Hot97 reportedly placing a ban on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s music following the drama that has been involving the rapper. According to TMZ, Hot 97 will be placing a loose “ban” on whatever new music Tekashi 6ix9ine releases. And now, TMZ article is being challenged by Ebro himself who took it to twitter to share how he really felt. Not only did Ebro refute the report, but he also took jabs at the “Goofball NY n***” who supported Tekashi back in the day only to now switch up. The series of tweets began with the following: “Goofball NY n*ggas created Tekashi 69 and supported “the streets” …. when he drops new music Imma play that shit everyday just to shit on ya’ll stupid f*cks.” He then continued to set the record straight by adding: “All execs @HOT97 deny speaking to anyone @TMZ ….. so this means that Tekashi marketing machine is revving up to rally his on-line and drive stories.”

Following the aforementioned tweets, Ebro began responding to comments from fellow tweeters who mocked his initial tweet. A specific tweet aimed at Ebro called him out for being a “grown a** man still d*ck riding a young n*gga making money.” To this, Ebro blatantly responded: “I ain’t talk to anyone. And ur so dumb u missed where I said I was gone be playing it… stewpid *tekashi voice*.” So there you have it, fake news everyone. 


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