Ebro Darden Wants To Know: “Who Is The Best Love Poem Rapper Of All Time?”


While rap is often affiliated with gang culture, hypersexuality, and violence, the beloved genre has birthed quite a few love songs. There are plenty of rappers who use their skills with a pen and a mic to craft hits that have been played at wedding receptions and behind closed doors in the bedroom, but recently, Ebro Darden posed an interesting question to his listeners on the topic.

“Who is the best love poem rapper of all time?” Ebro asked on his show. “The rapper who’s made the most love raps of all time.” The answers started flowing in including Common and Wale. Of the latter, co-host Peter Rosenberg stated that Wale “drops monster love poem hits.” Common seemed to be a favorite, but they couldn’t last long in this conversation without mentioning LL Cool J.

“Common got so many love songs, man,” Ebro said. Then, Fabolous’s name was thrown into the mix, but Ebro didn’t agree with that one. Unfortunately, they didn’t come to a clear conclusion of who should take the title, but they did go on a bit of a hilarious tangent about LL Cool J and why many of his love tracks are just a way for him to hate on hard-working men trying to take care of their women. Watch below and weigh in with your candidates.

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