Ebro’s Take On Eminem Sparks A Heated Debate


In the review of Music To Be Murdered ByI mentioned that the project was destined to divide. Such has become true for Eminem in general, and artist whose legacy has been continuously besieged by detractors. While some may only be mobilizing to combat the fury of the Stans, it’s become expected to see heated discourse following the release of any new Eminem music. Those in the media often find themselves embroiled in, sometimes even sparking these debates to begin with. Look no further than Ebro, who took to Twitter to offer his own take on Eminem’s place in hip-hop culture.

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As a longstanding hip-hop authority, Ebro’s words hold weight. It’s no wonder his take on Eminem is particularly strong, leaving much to unpack beyond a surface level. “Eminem’s success comes from him being white, he’s even said it,” claims Ebro, knowing exactly what sort of can of worms he’s opening. “Lack of respect also comes from him being white. The disdain for him comes from him being successful @ something Black people own. His love for the culture is why he worked so hard to be great and get respect.”

It didn’t take long for the debate to spark and Ebro seized the opportunity to double down. “Eminem treats Rap how Black folks have had to treat life,” he continues. “Be 5x better, work 5x harder than everyone and still not necessarily get respect.” The tweets found many people chiming with agreement while others took issue with Ebro’s angle. Accusations of “hater” were flung willy-nilly, though it should be noted that his infamous top ten list had Eminem at number ten. High praise to be sure, though his opinion on “Rap God” seems to suggest a distaste for Em’s more recent musical output. 

How do you feel about Ebro’s takes on Eminem’s respect, success, and musicality? 

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