Eddie Murphy Isn’t Intimidated By His Own Legacy When It Comes To Stand Up Comedy


Slowly but surely Eddie Murphy is making his way back onto the radar and his big welcome back was his role in Dolemite Is My Name! that’s now on Netflix. Eddie recently made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live and detailed how the film took 15 years to come to life, another big number compared to the 35 years since Eddie has graced the SNL stage. 

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Eddie will be joining the show for the holiday tapings on December 21st and discussed his past iconic characters that may or may not make a comeback. “I’m gonna do Gumby,” he said.  “And I’m trying to figure out some reason to do Velvet Jones. And, uh, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. And a funny Buckwheat sketch.”

On the topic of making his return to standup, Jimmy asked Eddie if he felt nervous since his last set Delirious came to be the greatest standup of all time. “I don’t be worrying about stuff like that,” Eddie said of his own legacy. “I tend to think constructively. If I’m doing something creative, I’m thinking about making it as funny as possible because I want to shut shit down when I do it. I don’t be thinking like, ‘Oh what’s gonna happen? What are they gonna say? Are they gonna put me on the YouTube? I don’t know, that’s just part of the world now.”

Peep the clip below.

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