Eddie Murphy Shares Bad Advice From Rodney Dangerfield: “Dunno About The Race Stuff”


Very rarely do the masses get to witness the resurgence of a comedic genius such as Eddie Murphy. Then again, there aren’t too many comedians and personalities that are as prolific as the Raw creator. In recent months, the Beverly Hills Cop actor made his return to the Saturday Night Live stage, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, and made his return to the silver screen starring as Rudy Ray Moore in Dolemite Is My Name. Now, Eddie Murphy is getting candid with the good brothers and sisters of WMagazine in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

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During a brief interview with the publication, Murphy spoke on meeting the legendary, blaxploitation actress Pam Grier for the first time and attempting to hold back his lust. He also spoke on his experience as a youth annoying his mother with his imitations, buying Richard Pryor’s comedy album, his first kiss, and more. 

However, there was one story about his run-in with legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield that stood out the most during the comedian turned actor’s conversation with W. Murphy reveals that he was able to convince Rodney Dangerfield to watch his comedy set at a Florida comedy club while he was still a young buck in the business. 

According to Murphy, his set was full of “really dirty” and “edgy racial stuff.” Following his act, Murphy approached Dangerfield seeking his advice to which the clean-cut comic responded, “Hey, kid. I don’t know where you’re gonna go with that — the language and the race stuff.” 

After acquiring mainstream success and becoming world-renowned for his “really dirty” standup acts, Murphy revealed the two met again this time in the bathroom of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and while standing next to each other at the urinals, Dangerfield leaned over and said, “Hey, who knew?!”

Check out the five-minute clip of Eddie Murphy charismatically carrying one an unintentionally hilarious conversation with W Magazine and be on the lookout for Eddie Murphy to be hitting the road with brand new material sometime in the near future. 

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