Eddie Murphy Shares Prince Stories & Reveals He Regrets Turning Down “Roger Rabbit” Role


Everyone loves a good Prince story, especially when they’re delivered by the Murphys. The world was introduced to the random tales of Prince courtesy of Chappelle’s Show when the late-great Charlie Murphy shared his “True Hollywood Stories.” Classic television moments were birthed through those hilarious memories that included Rick James’s “f*ck yo couch” moment and Prince ballin’ out of control in the paint.

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Just a day ahead of his return to the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend, Charlie’s just-as-funny famous brother Eddie Murphy visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and shared a few random stories about the Purple Rain legend. Eddie and Questlove recalled when they were at Prince’s house and the singer randomly wanted to go skating in his rink with his light-up rollerskates. The comedian also told a tale of his chef leaving his home in the early morning hours and running into Prince when the music icon’s hubcap fell off his car.

Then, Eddie played along and confirmed or denied rumors about his career. He said it was true that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wanted him to star alongside them in Ghostbusters, but Eddie turned it down because he chose to do Beverly Hills Cop instead. He said the only big movie he turned down that he regretted was Who Framed Roger Rabbit? after he was asked to play the main “Eddie” character. “I was like, ‘What? Animations and people? That sound like bullsh*t to me!’ Now every time I see it I feel like an idiot. I love that movie.”

In true comedic Eddie fashion, he recounted an encounter with Marlon Brando, who was a 48 Hrs. fan, and shared why he thought it was time to sell his large collection of Elvis memorabilia. Watch his The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon clip below.

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