Elton John Talks About The Sex Toy Eminem Gifted Him At His Wedding


Ahead of his forthcoming memoir titled Me dropping this week, Elton John sat down with The Guardian for an in-depth interview where he was asked random questions from fellow celebrities and peers. One of those questions came from his long time friend Eminem, who asked Sir Elton, “Have you used your wedding gift yet?”

While most of us wouldn’t know what that means, it turns out Eminem gave Sir Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, matching cock rings for their wedding back in 2014. In the interview, Sir Elton spoke about the present and said they haven’t been used yet.

“Eminem bought me and David matching c**k rings when we got married. That was his gift. They sit there, like the crown jewels, in this beautiful box on satin cushions. They’re wonderful to look at. I don’t know if any guests we’ve had have used them. God, I hope not. They’re kind of sacrosanct. The fact they came from Eminem makes it even better. It’s very him, as is this question. I call him up every couple of months, and every time he picks up the phone he says the same thing: “Hello, you old c**t, how are you?” Justin Timberlake says the same thing, actually.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sir Elton talked about sex, alcoholism, and more in the interview with questions from Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan, Lewis Hamilton, Billy Jean King and more. Read all that & more right here.

This report comes just hours after an excerpt from Elton’s memoir leaked online, where he reportedly believed Michael Jackson was “mentally ill.” Look for the memoir to be out tomorrow, October 15.


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