Eminem Ignores Nick Cannon Diss, Shouts Out André 3000 & Classic Rap Instead


During a conversation with Rick Rubin, André 3000 explained why his musical releases have been so rare these days. Noting that his confidence just isn’t there, Three Stacks has been experiencing a creative struggle. His hourlong chat with the legendary producer was enlightening, to say the least. In the midst of their chat, André noted that he and Eminem used to have conversations about obscure hip-hop artists, geeking out over Bay Area collective Hieroglyphics. The OutKast star told Rubin that the two used to trade lyrics back-and-forth from the group and it’s looking like Em may be interested in starting up that habit again.

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Rarely adding new posts on social media, Marshall Mathers came out of hiding to comment on the brand new interview that André 3000 did this week. Linking to an article that centres on the phone calls that Em and André used to share, Slim Shady started the tradition once more. “‘If I had to grip my pad the riffs I’d grab would rip and stab, the kids that sad, the shit that’s drab and flavorless…’ you’re up, André,” wrote the rapper, quoting a Souls of Mischief record.

As expected, people are begging Eminem to respond to Nick Cannon’s diss tracks in his replies, flooding his inbox and questioning why he’s been ignoring the comedian. At this point, we’re very likely not getting a response to Cannon soon.

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