Eminem Reunites With Old Foe Steve Berman For “SSLP20”


Eminem and Steve Berman, Interscope’s President of Sales and Marketing, have an interesting and undeniably complicated relationship. First introduced on The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem found his dreams of an easy album release squashed by an apoplectic Berman. “Tower Records told me to shove this record up my ass,” ranted Berman, systematically shattering all of Slim’s hopes and dreams. “Do you know how it feels like to be told how to have a record shoved up your ass? I’m going to lose my fucking job over this.” Citing Em’s sophomore album as an unsellable ode to “homosexuals and Vicodin,” Berman’s frustration sent the rapper reeling for the door.

On Devil’s Night, Slim’s second meeting with Berman proved equally difficult for the hip-hop antihero. “Sit the fuck down for a second,” begins Steve, beckoning Em into his office. “Your last album, we got lucky. This D12 album is fucked! I don’t want to rape my grandmother. I don’t want to have sex with pitbulls! I want to roll on dubs, I want to throw bows, I want to rock Prada! And who the fuck is this Bizarre guy?!” Suffice it to say, Berman once again sent Em racing for the hills.

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On The Eminem Show, however, Em had reached his boiling point. As Steve opened his mouth to chastise the latest body of work, Em pulled out the piece and let a bullet fly. Little did he know, Steve was about to declare the project to be his magnum opus, his first and only album worthy of instant validation. And yet, it was too late. The trigger was pulled, and Steve was left gasping for air in an unknown state.

Yet all was not lost. Steve made a full recoveryand Em made a return trip to his office on Relapse. Unfortunately, the gunshot had altered Berman’s temperament back to its original state. “Do you know I lost the use of my right arm?” scolded Berman, despite Em’s apologies. In fact, their last meeting on wax ended in guns drawn, but it was Berman who would have the last laugh. That is, until now. With Slim Shady LP continuing to celebrate its twentieth birthday, Em once again linked up with his old foe Steve Berman. Only this time, he did it for the Gram.  Thankfully, his right arm appears to be intact; my, the wonders of modern medicine! If you’ve ever wanted to put a face to the name and voice, look no further than the embed below. 

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