Eminem Shouts Out Abu Dhabi After Ridiculously Packed Concert


Eminem hasn’t quite mastered the art of social media, but damned if he isn’t showing signs of improvement. Still, his Instagram feed is hardly lively, making the instances he does post worthy of notice. Sadly, Em has yet to update his IG with anything pertaining to a North American tour; these days, he tends to prefer venturing overseas, including a recent yet ridiculously jam-packed concert in Abu Dhabi. Perhaps the show held special significance for Em, who took a moment to fire off a few shots at Lord Jamar’s good name, a likely side-effect of the crowd-induced adrenaline.

 Dave J Hogan/Getty Images 

Em took a moment to pay homage to those in attendance, sharing a few pictures and kind words reflecting on the show. “Thanks for rockin’ with me again last Friday Abu Dhabi – hope to see you next time,” writes Slim, leaving us hopeful that a tour will indeed be in the cards. It’s crazy to see the extent to which Em’s global reach spreads. No matter where he touches down, a monumentally large crowd tends to show up. 

Take a look at some of the pics, and look for Em to detail his next move any day now. 

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