Eminem Takes Your Girl On “Seduction”


Over the course of Eminem’s storied career, it has been rare to hear the rapper make a song for the ladies. Usually, when Em is referring to the opposite sex, it is in an obscene or joking manner. He has never been known for his slower tracks, which is why “Seduction” stands out as one of his best songs of the decade. It showcases a side of Em we rarely see, and is still a banger. 

Em glides over a mystical synth that sounds sensual and mysterious but yet dangerous at the same time. The added vocals form Sly Jordan give the single a much needed R&B infusion as well. Although this is one of Em’s slower songs, he still comes with the same lyrical ferocity as always. 

Quotable Lyrics
That hater alarm is soundin’ off
And Obama took the bomb from my name (Aww!)
So quit cryin’ that I took your dame, homie, she’s my dame (Aww!)
You sadly mistaken if you thinkin’ that I’m not on my game, boy
And things just ain’t been the same since the day that I came forth

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